NOTICE!!!  Tax Force is in the process of transitioning from a licensed business to a franchise.  Apply now before Franchise fees are assessed.

Steps to buying a Tax Force License


If you wish to move forward with this business opportunity, the process is as follows:

  • Speak with our Director of Operations and our President
  • Apply for a Tax Force License– The Operations Director will provide you a Licensee application. This application requests specific information relating to your financial status and is used to determine if you're financially qualified to operate a Tax Force License. Click here to print or download the Request for Licensee Application Consideration.
  • Evaluate Your Personal Commitment – The next and possibly most important step is to take what you have learned and evaluate your own personal commitment to operating a Tax Force License.
  • Sign the Agreement – Once you are certain you have made a well-informed choice, you will be sent an agreement. Sign the license agreement and pay the license fee to execute the deal.
  • Attend Training – Prior to opening, you must attend Licensee Iinitial Training at Corporate HQ in Memphis, TN.
  • Open for Business - A Tax Force LSC (Licensee Service Coach) will work with you to approve your location(s) and provide guidance for opening.
  • Submit Zip Codes - We will contact 1000 people by phone in your area in preparation for tax season.
  • Become involved in the Two Things Certain in Life.

Thank you again for your interest in Tax Force. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

The Tax Industry

  • The tax preparation industry has been dominated for nearly 40 years by one major player, H&R Block.
  • Over 40 million people filed their returns electronically for 2001, and more for 2002.
  • The tax preparation industry is a multi-billion dollar industry.
  • The IRS projects that over 80% of the nation will file electronically by 2007.
  • The tax industry is recession-proof and a necessity.
  • Fifty-seven percent of taxpayers paid a tax preparer to complete their taxes for 2001, and fifty-nine percent for 2002.

Why License With Us?

  1. Owner and key management have over 20 years of combined experience in the tax, investment & insurance industry.
  2. Our system has been developed to provide you a system for success.
  3. Businesses that team up with a company that are successful have a greater success rate than businesses in the same industry that don't license or become associated.
  4. We give complete training and consultation. No prior tax, insurance, or investment experience is needed.
  5. Location selection.  We will help you find the right location and negotiate an appropriate rent payout.
  6. We give full technical and tax support throughout tax season-You are never alone.
  7. Low startup cost with unlimited territories available in your area. Our licensing fee is only $4,000.  Or, start as a Tax Force Associate for as little as $ 995.
  8. Plus, we will help you jump start your business with contacting 1000 people in your area by phone!!

Us vs. The Competition

Tax Force Licensing Systems
Jackson Hewitt
H & R Block




Under $20,000
$60,000 +


Excellent Territories Available
Most Excellent Territories Sold
Very limited
No Territories Available


Brand New


6 Tax Seasons
Top Management
3 tax seasons

Estimated Licensee Start-Up Cost (Note: Some costs are variable depending on your local area.)

Initial Licensing Fee* $ 4,000

Advertising $3,000

Travel and Living Expenses While Training $300-$1,700

Equipment and Furniture $ 1500 - $2300

Signs $1,000 - $2,500

Rent Deposits $500 - $800

Payroll $1500 - $ 2500

Insurance $200 - $400

Or Become a Tax Force Associate*. Only costs is .......
$ 995 Total Estimated Start-Up Costs** $11,000 - $17,200

*You can start withonly $ 995 and not have to open a storefront.

Licensee Application
You can download the REQUEST FOR CONSIDERATION and follow the instructions.

Business Opportunity in Health & Wellness Supplements

Customer refunds that are received by way of "bank products" have all fees taken out before the bank check is written so the refund amount on the check belongs entirely to the customer. Payment of fees by the bank to the collection, preparation and transmission entities (including TFAs) occurs upon verification of funding for individual returns by the IRS. Any return that does not involve a bank product requires that fees be collected directly from the customer.

The program is structured to keep any cash outlays to a bare minimum prior to the start of revenue flow. The only advance outlays would be related to training, communications and equipment or marketing arrangements which would have to occur prior to the tax season which begins during the second week of January.

Training costs include training materials and fees and training sessions for designated TFA personnel to assure that complete, accurate information is collected from customers. Communication and equipment costs include any additional telephone and/or facsimile connections or equipment, and fees for electronic transmission or courier arrangements that may be required to convey data between Tax Force and the TFA or the IRS. There maybe some equipment needs related to handling and storage of documents. Marketing costs include such items as in-store and exterior displays, local market advertising or other communications needed to create market awareness that income taxes can be filed at the TFA location.

The primary target market is rapid-refund filers. The bulk of activity for the category takes place from late January through February. Bank products provided by Tax Force's bank partner are Refund Anticipation Loans (RALs) which provide refund checks in 1 to 3 days and "accelerated" refunds which take 10 to 21 days. In the case of bank products, the data collection point must also be responsible for obtaining required customer signatures. It is also necessary that signed IRS Forms 8453 be obtained for any return that is filed electronically with the IRS.

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